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For heavy-duty construction in Midland, TX, the best and safest choice is Advance Excavating & Paving LP.

If you need dirt contracting, you can trust our ability to get the job done exactly as you need.

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Seal Coating | Advance Excavating & Paving LP

Advance Excavating & Paving LP provides Midland, TX with extensive seal coating service. We offer everyone the ability to protect their asphalt...

Paving | Advance Excavating & Paving LP

Advance Excavating & Paving LP offers comprehensive paving service to all residential, commercial and municipal clients in the greater Midland...

Excavating | Advance Excavating & Paving LP

Advance Excavating & Paving LP specializes in all types of excavating. We take on projects for all types of clients regardless of scope and...

For state-of-the-heart construction machinery and expert skills, choose Advance Excavating & Paving LP.

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Advance Excavating & Paving LP offers a wide range of heavy-duty construction capabilities in the Midland, TX area. We have the expertise and equipment to provide customized solutions for a variety of construction purposes. Have us deliver the groundwork you need to achieve the best possible result.

Our services are diverse. We have the specialized skills and machinery to provide high quality paving, all types of excavations and seal coating. With Advance Excavating & Paving LP, you have the most comprehensive heavy-duty construction capabilities at your service. We also do concrete work!

Our main fields of expertise are:

• Seal Coating—Seal coating provides protection for your asphalt paving, which prolongs its durability and lifespan. We can provide seal coating for anything from highways to parking spots and guarantee results that add considerable value.

If you need heavy-duty construction service, give us a call. With our dedication to outstanding customer service, superior craftsmanship and high quality solutions, we can guarantee our work will satisfy all expectations regardless of what you need us to do.

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